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If I play golf and I am unable to stay for dinner, do I still have to pay the same amount ? Yes - The price for the day has been currently set at £75.00 for members and £85.00 for Guests. There are no concessions.
Can I attend dinner but not the golf? Yes - Members are permitted to join the evening festivities if they are unable to participate in the event itself, however a charge of £20.00 is levied against the Member.
Can I bring guest to the dinner events even if they have not played in the event itself? No - Guests are not permitted to attend the evening festitivies if they have not partcipated in the event itself. This rule also applies to any guest who may have played or attended previous PGS functions.
Can I have my phone on during the course of the day due to work commitments or in case of emergencies? There are no rules preventing you from keeping your mobile switches on during the day, however if it is answered on the course\clubhouse\practise area’s then you will be disqualified regardless of the situation.
Can I register later than the official registration cut off time as I have prior commitments? Yes - You can registrar later than the registration time; however you will be penalised 2 points.
If I have originally confirmed that I will be staying for dinner, is it possible for me to change my request on the day of the event itself? Yes - You are entitled to make a change at any time prior to or during the registration process. If this request is made after the registration process has been completed, you will not be eligible for any prizes (if you have qualified) and also you will start the following event with a 2 point penalty.
What is the penalty if I do not turn up to dinner without notice? You will not be eligible for any prizes you may have won on the day and also you will start the following event you play with a 2 point penalty
Can I request not to be group captain? You can request not to be Captain; however we would prefer you to do a job as a member of the society.
Can I request to play in the first group as I am not staying for dinner? Yes – We will take your request into consideration, however depending on the situation, grouping etc it may not always be possible.
Do I still pay for the event if I pull out after the deadline? Yes, if you pull out of the event after the deadline the cost of the day up to a max of £70.00 is generally applied. For repeat offenders the whole cost regardless of it being less than £70.00 will be applied.
Even due to an injury? Yes
What time is registration? The time for registration differs per event therefore always checks the event details usually found on the web site, or failing that contacting the PGS Comm.
How do we get there? Details can be found on the PGS Website under the event itself.
Handicap of club or society is lower than that of PGS: What do I play off? If your Golf Club handicap or handicap of another Society is lower than PGS then you must declare that and play of that Handicap.
Handicap of club or society is higher than that of PGS: What do I play off? your Golf Club handicap or handicap of another Society is higher than PGS then you will play of the PGS Handicap.